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Free the body of tension and drift away into a dream state as we rebalance and restore equilibrium with our transformative and natural treatments.

Body Exfoliation

60 MINS – $150

Bring balance to your body with the application of warm soothing oils, followed by a Himalayan salt and plant essence exfoliation treatment. Relieve stress and fatigue while gently stimulating the body’s circulation. This salt therapy treatment is also perfect after periods of travel or exercise.

Purifying body boost

90 MINS – $230

Designed to purify, this treatment begins with an invigorating body exfoliation using body balance salt therapy to soften the skin and stimulate circulation. A natural purifying and detoxifying mask is then applied over the whole body, drawing out toxins and helping to restore the body’s energy and stimulate the circulatory system while relieving any skin congestion. The purification experience is completed with the application of a rich body moisturiser.

Sodashi scalp treatment

15 MINS – $45

Treat yourself a little more, with a luxurious and moisture rich scalp treatment. Sodashi scalp mud is massaged over the scalp to release pressure and tension. This mask treatment deeply nourishes the scalp and leaves hair hydrated and shiny.

Treatment Hours

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
9am - 5.30pm

Tuesday & Thursday
9am - 8pm

8am - 3pm