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Tailored to your skin’s needs with a customised series of products and enhanced with massage techniques, our facial treatments are thoughtfully designed to make sure skin texture and health is restored.

Sodashi Facial

Bespoke Facial
60 Mins – $190

For when you need a little professional help to balance, repair and nourish your skin. We provide a thorough assessment of your skin before taking you on a bespoke journey of renewal. The power of Sodashi’s aromatic and potent plant therapy softens and exfoliates, purifies and hydrates the skin, enhanced with facial massage.

Thermal Infusing Facial
90 Mins – $285

For a more intensive experience, try ‘nature’s facelift’ with this powerful facial treatment. From boosting dry, dehydrated skin to purifying or balancing combination skin, a results-driven thermal mask works to deliver essential vitamins and minerals to your skin’s deeper layers while you enjoy a neck, shoulder scalp and hand massage.

Samadara Age Defying Facial
105 Mins – $325

The ultimate sensory experience, rooted in Ayurvedic healing to help treat damage and diminish fine lines and restore your skin’s glow. Layering of botanical actives works in synergy with advanced facial massage techniques to intensely hydrate and nourish and improve skin texture.

Medik8 Facial

Bespoke Facial
60 Mins – $190

Our Medik8 facials are for those seeking innovation woven through a calming and revitalising experience. Your therapist will address your skin concerns with targeted Medik8 products to deliver both immediate results and those that will develop after you leave us. Whether it’s clarity, pore refining, soothing or deep hydration that your skin needs, our Medik8 Bespoke Facial creates real impact.

Platinum Facial
90 Mins – $285

For those looking for superior results alongside a luxurious, sensorial experience. Using exclusive products not used in any other treatment, nor available to take home. Feel the warmth of the Medik8 Scientific Mushroom Thermal Exfoliator, which heats upon contact with the skin using a natural mineral as it cleanses and unclogs the skin. The facial takes its name from the star product of the Platinum Facial, the Age Defying Mask, blended with platinum particles to give a silver colour. Reveal a glowing, even complexion and float away with an indulgent scalp massage.

iS Clinical Facial

Bespoke Facial
60 Mins – $220

A facial that leaves you looking and feeling reenergised, with a lasting boost in skin health. Your A Touch Of Beauty therapist curates the iS products that will reveal your best skin and address your specific concerns. iS facials deliver superb clinical results and give a wholly sensory experience.

Foaming Enzyme Facial
60 Mins – $240

Clear, glowing skin is the promise for all skin types with this facial, a soothing treatment that invites you to lie back and really feel the experience. With emphasis on the transformative and sensory nature of foam, pineapple and papaya enzymes along with a naturally-derived glycolic acid help reveal a radiant complexion. Steam encourages the product to sink into the skin and helps extraction, if needed. A light mist and hydrating serum are applied before an intensive cooling masque.

Dermalogica Facial

Bespoke Facial
60 Mins – $190

Your therapist will guide you through a deeply relaxing treatment designed to bring your skin back to a vibrant and hydrated state with Dermalogica’s highly-effective yet still gentle products. Relax and rest as we address your specific skin concerns and restore your skin health to its optimum state.

Age-Smart Facial
90 Mins – $240

Dermalogica AGE Smart Facial takes your skin on a rejuvenation journey. Addressing signs of wear and tear in our skin, this treatment harnesses the power of AGE Smart to help firm, smooth, regenerate and energise while controlling the triggers that lead to skin ageing. Expect potent hydroxy acids to exfoliate and refine texture and vitamins to infuse your skin with everything it needs.

Ginger & Me Facial

Mindfulness Signature Facial
60 Mins – $190

Take a sensory journey designed to emphasise connection and harmony to support healthy skin and empower a healthy mind. The heart-skin connection, known as the correlation between our emotional state and the state of our skin, means feelings of stress, anxiety and self-worth issues can lead to skin inflammation, deep lines, wrinkles and dull/devitalised skin. With this holistic treatment, we invite you to spend some quality time with yourself. Expect a results-driven yet supremely indulgent experience to refresh and awaken your skin and your mind.

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