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From the Founder

Jo Collins AM

Joanna Collins AM, Founder

When I created A Touch Of Beauty in 1987, the premise for me was simple. We focus on beauty but more precisely, the beauty within each and every one of us. All these years later, our ethos hasn’t changed. We like our clients to leave us feeling, as well as looking, beautiful because the true glow of beauty always shines like a light in those who feel rested and cared for. It is our ultimate aim to give you the space to unwind while you’re with us, no matter how long you spend here.

My approach to beauty on the outside is also simple, yet constantly evolving. Many years of working in this industry has given me a keen sense of what will truly work for my clients and what may be only a passing trend. You will find that our treatment menu offers the balanced combination of tried and tested ‘traditional’ treatments and new state-of-the-art technological advances in achieving ultimate skin health. In this, you will know you are receiving an holistic and complete beauty solution.

Lastly, something I will always hold close to my heart and feel is important to highlight, is my life’s passion of giving back and helping where I am able, because I believe everyone can make a difference by “Thinking Global and Acting Local”. I am an ambassador and supporter of many local and international charitable organisations ranging from arts and culture, food resource, human health, rehabilitation to wildlife and animal welfare. All living beings deserve love and respect and I try, wherever I can, to help those in need to find sanctuary in this world.

I look forward to welcoming you to A Touch of Beauty.