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Free the body of tension and drift away into a dream state as we rebalance and restore equilibrium with our transformative massage treatments.

Pregnancy massage

60 mins – $165

Mums-to-be are treated as they should be, by the soothing hands of our therapists, with massage that encourages wellbeing and relieves the stresses of pregnancy in a safe environment. Only available during the second and third trimesters for your safety. Please see our facial or manicure and pedicure treatments for alternative safe options in the first trimester.

We offer Relaxation and Remedial Body Massages.

Relaxation Body Massages

Back Massage
30 mins – $90

60 mins – $150
90 Mins – $220

The ultimate way to unwind and drift away, our massage treatments use a customised blend of oils and Swedish massage techniques to release tension and restore a calm sense of wellbeing to your body. Take a moment of peace and presence for yourself and let us ease your tension.

Remedial Body Massages

Body Massage
60 mins – $165
90 mins – $235

Move deeper into the healing process with our therapists, with a massage targeting places within the body that cause unrest and discomfort. Lie back and let go as we use a series of kneading, lifting and light stretching techniques to release tensions in knotted or immobile muscles, increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Hot stone massage

90 mins – $250

Boost the power of massage and dissolve stress and tension with the warmth and weight of smooth basalt stones. Hawaiian lomi lomi technique provides a rhythmic massage that targets pressure points and utilises vibrational elements to melt muscle tension. A treatment that centres both the mind and body.

Gua Sha Facial treatment – ADD-ON to a Body Massage Treatment

30 mins – $85

Known as ’nature’s face lift’, gua sha is a centuries-old technique that sees a smooth stone passed over the face with vigorous movement to encourage blood flow, reduce inflammation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This trio of effects works wonders on creating a ‘lifting’ effect for the face, as well as reducing puffiness and giving a glow from increased blood flow. Expect a more toned and sculpted appearance – the perfect add-on to your body massage.

Treatment Hours

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
9am - 5.30pm

Tuesday & Thursday
9am - 8pm

8am - 3pm